Why use Google Ads?

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Google is the world’s most popular search engine and is

considered the unmatched leader in Digital Advertising. Answering

billions of search queries every single day, Google offers

advertisers access to a huge audience who is actively looking to

purchases products and services.

Google has a lot to offer for Advertisers.

The Search network consists of the whole Search Engine Portion

of Google. Here Advertisers compete with other advertisers to list

against millions of keywords and phrases to target prospective

customers. The factors involved in listing are ad relevancy, User

Experience (Expected CTR and Landing page experience) and bid

amount. Search Ads appear above the search results when you

type your query on Google.

The Google Display Network, offers ads which are more visual in

nature. The network spans approximately 98% of the World Wide

Web, making it the choice for advertisers who want to raise brand

awareness on a large scale using banner ads. 

Here are some of the types of Google ads you should definitely

know about as SME business owner:-

Search Ads

Search ads appear above the Google search results when you

search your query. With a Search campaign, you can get in front of

potential customers when they want they require goods and services like yours.

This campaign ensures customers notice your brand, consider

your products, and take action.

Display Ads

Google Display Network comprises of an organization of in excess

of 2,000,000 website destinations and applications. These ads

cover roughly 90% of the web. Advertisements are coordinated to

content identified with your business or to your clients' advantages.

Display campaigns are utilized to expand brand recognition and

contact audiences with explicit interests over the web.

Video Ads

Video promotions catch the imaginations of the customers. Your

promotions appear on video content in which they have an

interest. These are appeared on YouTube and over Google's

Display Network. The best part is pay just when clients decide to

watch your advertisements.

Video advertisements offer the chance to remember an aspect

about your business visually. They connect with clients sincerely

and give the brand a character that clients can identify with.

App Campaigns

App advertisements run across Google. Your promotions and

offers are explicitly targeted to get the most downloads. A short

depiction of your item, an offer and add the Link to Playstore or

Apple Store and you are all set.

With an App campaign, commitment increases and even in-

application activities, such as pursuing a bulletin or requesting an


Shopping Campaign

On the off chance that you need to show items from your e-

Commerce store in Google Shopping, at that point Shopping

advertisements are for you.

Shopping promotions show up in an arrangement which is more

visual. Shopping promotions show clients a photograph of your

item, with a title, value, store name, and then some. These

promotions give feeling of trust towards the item you're selling

before they click the advertisement, which gives you a more

intrigued lead. Arrange your Google Merchant Center which is

accepting your store's feed, join it to your new Shopping effort and

Google will wrap up — programmed focusing on and promotion


Now, you are ready to go and advertise on the biggest advertising

platform on Earth. With Google you can get the whole globe as

your customer. All the Best!!!

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