LinkedIn advertising targeting options

LinkedIn is the largest network of professional audience. If you are an B2B business LinkedIn can really help your business grow.

· LinkedIn advertising targeting options

· Remarketing with LinkedIn advertising

· LinkedIn ad types and formats

On LinkedIn, the targeting on this social platform is better than most. It’s updated regularly, because professionals like to boast about all of their achievements. Members voluntarily display their own job titles, company names, seniority, professional interests, and more. This gives a lot of options to marketers.

Matched audiences

To target audiences who have interacted with your business but not taken any action place an “Insight Tag,” on your website to be able to retarget your visitors. An alternate use would be to create lookalike audiences. Apart from targeting your website visitors, you can also upload your own email lists and run ads which target accounts throughout LinkedIn.

Conversion tracking can be placed on your LinkedIn advertising campaigns. This is great to track unique purchases or other actions on your site, especially when you don’t use marketing automation software.

Audience options

LinkedIn ads come with a long list of options for targeting, which helps you to make sure your ads are getting served to your audience only. You can also test the effectiveness of an ad against different audiences, by saving your audience as a template.


Targeting by company is especially useful as LinkedIn members are far more likely to keep their employment information up-to-date. It can also help you focus your targeting.

Company connections: you are allowed to target first-degree connections of selected companies but only if they have over 500 employees.

Company followers: This selection will let you reach your organic page followers.

Industries: You can reach LinkedIn members by targeting the industries they work in.

Names: company names are listed on user profiles, help narrow the audience

Size: It helps characterize a company, so you can reach employees who work at companies of a certain size.


This pertains to the personal information available about the members, such as age, gender, highest level of education.


LinkedIn Ads lets you reach members based on their degrees, specialization (e.g., “Finance,” or “Engineering”), and the institution where they studied.

Job experience

This option helps you target employees in senior positions and have years of work experience and will be likely to be in-charge or involved in the decision-making process.

Functions or skills

You can build an audience based on their job positions or skill set mentioned in their profiles.


Reach LinkedIn members with a varied levels of seniority in the organization.

LinkedIn is platform where everyone is marketing themselves. They put out the most relevant information about themselves and make themselves easier to reach in the context of furthering business interests.

LinkedIn ad types

LinkedIn offers you a variety of ad types and formats to choose from. You should be selecting your ad format based on the requirement of your brand. Campaign Goals that LinkedIn advertising supports are brand awareness, website visits, site conversions, engagement, job applications, lead generation, and video views.

LinkedIn sponsored content

Sponsored content ads are the ads that appear to be “boosted” posts from a company’s own page. The ads manager can create a post with a headline, image and link to the sponsor.

LinkedIn text ads

LinkedIn text ads operate on a familiar pay-per-click or impression basis like Google Search Ads. They feature in the sidebar. These comprise of a basic text block with a headline, next to a company logo.

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail

Marketers or sales teams can upload a list of contacts to send customized messages to. The content of the messages can help you invite prospects to your websites or even generate an inbound call.

LinkedIn programmatic display ads

LinkedIn display ads allow you to target a large professional audience on the basis of intent or personas. Marketers can choose the demand-side platform or trading desk they prefer and buy inventory through the open or private auctions.

LinkedIn dynamic ads

Dynamic ads are personalized as you can get with your LinkedIn advertising. Advertisers can choose to promote content downloads, job postings, their own company page, or drive traffic to a website. This ad type has ready-made templates and auto-translation options to make personalizing the ad easy for you.

LinkedIn advertising costs

As on other platforms, cost of LinkedIn advertising are determined by the bids and budgets you set. This means that your cost of running the campaign varies depending on your business and its goals, because this determines the types of ads that you run and the budgets that you set.

However, LinkedIn advertising is not that flexible. It has minimum requirement in terms of budget spent.

  1. Rs 500 daily budget per campaign

  2. Rs 500 total budget per campaign (an optional feature for Sponsored Content)

  3. Rs 100 bid for CPC or CPM on Text Ad campaigns

For Sponsored Content campaigns, LinkedIn advertising has a minimum bid, but the exact for this ad will depend on the audience that you’re targeting.

If you are a B2B business, you’ve got to leverage LinkedIn. There’s no way around it. This is the only platform you can actively search for the high quality prospect you always wanted.

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