Types of Facebook Ads

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Post Engagement Ads

Facebook post engagement ads allow you to drive more engagement on posts and increases its reach. This generates more activity on your posts and which inturn increases your organic followers by showing them other posts that you have posted.

The Ad displays the likes, comments and shares along with the post to encourage viewers to engage with it. The ad features a "like page" button which allows the marketer to grow both page likes and post engagements all in one post.

Video Ads

Video ads allow telling a story about your brands. These leave a lasting impression on viewer

if you can get your message across. Video ads perform the when best used for brand awareness and consideration campaigns

These ads tell your story, your vision.

Photo Ads

Facebook photo ads comprise of an image, a call to action, and usually a link. These are informative and straight to point. They should have a clear call to action. A good photo ad captures the attention of the viewer within seconds.

These ads inform the customer about your products while assuring them about the quality with the photos

Carousal Ads

A carousel ad is the perfect format if you want to show a catalogue of your products. You can place multiple products that shows the variety of your collection. Each Ad card with a different image has the ability to link to a different destination.

These ads allow marketers to bundle their offerings and present it to the customer.

Dynamic Product Ads

Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads intelligently promotes products to people who have expressed interest on your website, in your app or other sites on the internet. You only have to upload your product catalog and campaign settings once, then it continues finding the audience for your products.

These ads allow you to repeat your message to those customers who are interested in your brand but haven’t taken any action

Lead Form Ads

When customers click on your ad, a form (that you’ve created) pops up. You can customize the questions to suit the needs of your organization, otherwise there are templates provided by Facebook.

These ads collect information which interested parties give voluntarily.

Lastly each format serves a purpose, Each ad format has different specialization, metrics, and best practices. Ishteharwala campaigns make sure your ad formats are delivering the results you want.

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