Ishteharwala provides comprehensive technical support for the entire Ad campaign life cycle. Our services cover the most popular digital platforms including Google, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. For these Ad management activities, you will find us as an extended virtual arm of your organization.

With the launch of Ishteharwala, Start-up owners, Independent artists and Sole Proprietors no longer have to rely on expensive Digital Marketing Agencies to run their marketing. They can now simply hire an 'Ishteharwala Expert' to act as a remote In-house technical support.

Research and Insights

Get the latest industry trends and custom research for your campaigns. Take business decisions backed by the latest data for highest levels success.

Ishteharwala is a research driven organization.

We value constant learning on how to market, how to advertise and ultimately, how to sell?

We refer to primary and secondary sources of research to constantly and innovatively get results for our clients.

Reach Optimization

Optimize your ad campaign for the maximum reach on platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

Our campaigns are designed after studying your business to find your 'perfect customer'. With advanced targeting techniques, we aim to find quality leads, who not only stay longer but also refer other people as well to your business.

Monitoring and Analysis

For any campaign to be successful, it requires constant monitoring and tweaking. Our experts take over that responsibility with automated tools.

The results of your campaign, go through multiple layers of Analytics. The results of the analytics are the grounds for campaign management.

Custom Reporting

See the metrics which matter to you. Get tailor-made reporting templates which are relevant to your business.

Each business is unique. Each business has different requirements and needs to be studied. So, if you try one type of reporting for all, it won't work. Every business needs it's own custom reports, to see all the metrics which apply to them and then take action accordingly.


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